Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I started Ulpan, to put Ulpan in terms that other people can understand, for me it is a bunch of people talking to me in Hebrew and I do not understand it at all. The point is to learn via immersion. So I am doing Ulpan, and it is scary and hard, but I am learning and I really like it. I can not read Hebrew, I can figure out what the dots mean and how to put the little stuff together. I can not do it well, but I am learning and for me that is so amazing I just almost want to cry. It is hard to take risks and right now going back into the class room to learn Hebrew is the biggest risk I have taken in years. If I fail it will really hurt, but something tells me I will not lean completely, but I also will not fail.

Our phone service got cut off as the bill had not been paid. It would have been nice had the land lady given a copy of the bill, or switched the service over to us. We paid the bill online on the phone and the problem is solved, but it still is enough to drive me crazy.

We are looking for a new apartment and I might have found one, it will make the kids very happy, but for me it is a huge come down from where we were in the past. This apartment does not have a view, but it faces park blocks and it has a play ground just across the street. Sometimes we do stuff for our kids, as the view apartments are not kid friendly, you are trapped in them away from everyone.

I would like to live next to a huge play ground, I would like to look at the park when I work frankly It would be better then what I have now. I am going to call on it and we will see.We either are looking for low end or high end, but we first need to figure out who we are at this point in our lives and what we need space wise.



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