Friday, October 15, 2004

Jackhammers are not your friends

Okay, this is a pet peeve, but the people upstairs are redoing their apartment. Now they could be jack hammering in the morning when no one is here, but instead the have been starting around 2:00. Now I must say there is nothing like being directly below a jack hammer. It just gives a certain brain tingling vibration that just can not be missed. It is even better if it happens after a day of brain tingling Uplan that comes together for some really special splitting head aches.

I am not yenting, but if you want to see me get excited about moving, my landlord could not have picked a bettor way to get us out of the apartment. Now we just have to find another one, which strangely is quite hard in October, there just is not that much available here.

Time to get my kids from Gan, go to the park and then come back here to clean, I get to have a date tonight as we have hired a baby sitter :-).



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