Sunday, October 17, 2004

Long borders make for difficult times

In Israel the borders that are guarded are very long, very convoluted and do not make much sense. First off it is very expensive and hard to guard different parts of Gaza that are owned by Israelis. I use the word owned as this land that we are guarding was bought and paid for in the 1920's before the state of Israel was even formed.
Now people are talking about pulling out of Aza, and I can see the point from all three sides. The Palestinians want continuous territory, the Israeli government wants less borders to patrol, and the Jews on the land have clear legal title to the land that predates the state of Israel. It is their home, they are invested in it, and the money that they will get for it does not reflect its value.

The issue here is one thing. No one in the middle east really cares about the settlements in Gaza, for the PA it is a step to getting us to cede Ashdod, or some other part of our southern coast line, for the government it is a very expensive political statement, and for the people who's home it has been for 80 years very few people are listening.

I want peace, heck everyone I know here wants peace, but I do not see the point of pulling back from Aza. Backing down like we did in Lebanon will just result in more attacks on Israel proper. What is so amazing is that this war has completely devastated the economies of both sides, but as the situation has escalated neither side can afford to pull back.

Frankly, I can see only one solution. Free WIFI piped into AZA, Free old computers with WIFI to any house with children in it, and a Radio Free America piped into the region in English and Arabic. Information is the key to solving the regions problems. Both sides need to see that the other sides claims have basis and needs to move ahead on that basis.

I can say that what is completely depressing, but yet reality, is I can not see peace in my life time. For us to get peace every Jew would have to leave Israel, and frankly I and 6 million others do not feel that we are willing to give this place up. This is my home, however long I stay here, I think for the rest of my life I will think about Israel as my home. I am happier here then I have ever been before in my life. I love the land of Israel. Heck I am even learning how to speak Hebrew, and for me that is saying something.

The fight is not for Gush, but for Tel Aviv and Ra'anana, the fight is not for the green line, but for the whole of our country.




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