Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Eye glasses

My glasses finally broke, and I had to go get new ones. The interesting thing about Israel is that the stores are open and closed at very weird times. It took me two days to wait for the eye glass store to be open that I wanted to shop at. Once I got in, I got out quickly and only 550 NIS poorer. The only issue I had was the eye exam was the most jury rigged exam I have ever had. They did not change my prescription much but it still was rather short and sweet. I hope the new glasses work out and do not give me a head ache.

I had some deep and profound thoughts about Israel and life and apartments but frankly the thoughts are escaping from my head quicker then they can go in due to the mind chilling fighting of two kids who are just really tired and are fighting over a spoon. It amazing to me how they can have these fights and forget about them 2 minutes later.



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