Thursday, October 28, 2004

Full circles

When we moved into our house in Portland we moved into my grandparents house. It is not exactly the same, but the vintage, the style the build all evoke the life my grandparents on my father side lived in. It is a house that Granny Annie would have loved, would have felt at home in and would have be so happy to see her dining room table in.

Trying to find a home in Israel has been tough for us. First off we have been looking for something that would fit in America. We want an American sized place, and we want it to be large and we want it to make sense for us, but I will say that if we want it all we can not afford it. I can not stomach spending $1500-1700 on rent, taxes and maintenance for something that I do not own. Call me crazy, but I broke out into cold sweat when I looked at the numbers. It was not that it was that much money, but if we are going to long term be in Israel we need to be in an Israeli mind set and people raise a family, car and all for $1700 per month. The average wage here is about that pretax.

So when we walked into this apartment that we are hopefully taking, for Iris it was like walking into her grandmothers house again. What was scary was the stark difference between my grandmothers way of life and her grandmothers way of life. This apartment done up nice will be nice, it will work for us for maybe a couple of years, but most American double wide manufactured homes are nicer. It is amazing that in our life we are going to be going back both to my fathers childhood home and spend time in something that is similar to Iris's.

I must say that we can live in this apartment, but it will be interesting to see where we end up in 2-3 years.

I am not going to focus on spelling and grammar on this blog. This is not that I do not care, but I am trying to capture living here, and if I spend lots of time editing I will not do the writing, and what is scary is I need to write, I need to talk about what I am living through or else I am not going to make sense of my life.

Have a good Shabbat you all, and I hope you are getting something out of this, because I am really enjoying writing it.



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