Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Time and money

It amazes me how little the big things costs in this country. Ice cream can be had for under 2 NIS per scope at the local McDonald's (Yes it is Kosher), so for me and Avi and Sam we get a treat that we share three ways for 3.8 NIS, or 85 cents. It is soft serve ice cream but it still is food. Last week we went out to dinner, me and Iris at a nice French restaurant, we spent I think including tip 60 NIS or $13 dollars, the baby sitting cost more then the food.

In most places time is money. I can make oatmeal for breakfast and it costs pennies per day. I can also have Cheerios or eat out and it costs more, but takes less time. The real question is what is your time worth. In a country where eating out is as cheap as eating at home, it gets harder to cook. But in a country where eating at home is much more healthy then the fried Israel diet other things have to be taken into account.

Not that any of this makes any sense, but that is what is cool about a blog, you can talk at a wall and even if no one is listening it still can be said.




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