Sunday, October 31, 2004

Week four of Ulpan

We are in the fourth week of Ulpan and I am still in the middle of the class. This is the week however that the instructor's decide if we get sent back 4 weeks to restart or not. Decisions Decisions Decisions, I do not want to be sent back, I actually want to go forward if possible, but we will see.

I had a really good shabbat. We had a guest, Emily who slept a lot, but really was a hit with the kids, They just loved her. She reminded them of Jackie her sister. It is so important to share shabbat with someone. I also made my decision of my first gift, I am going to be giving one of the Synagogues I go to 50 Artscroll Siddurs. They really need them, I can find them for $13 each in the US (, and I will put them on the next lift to here. Frankly I like to give especially if I can give in a targeted focused way.

I hope we get this apartment, Shosh is calling today, we bought a bunch of Antiques for it from a family that was moving. We even got a Tiffany style lamp that hangs in the dining room area. It is just really nice and will give a sense of color and style to the space. We also got a couple of small tables, and a nice china cabinet. We also bought their dishwasher, and washer and dryer. Now we just have to buy a fridge and I am going to do that today. We do not get the stuff until December 1st. (We can take the lamp sooner.)

It is going to be nice to have an apartment that is ours.

I hope everyone had a good shabbat and a blessed week.



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