Sunday, February 13, 2005



Me and Iris ducked out of Israel and came back to America for 3 weeks. There were cheap tickets, Iris was burned out, and I have to buy books.

We got very luck coming back. There is a manual that is in the furnace in my house in Portland, it was placed there by the manufacturer. The plastic bag that holds the manual broke last week and the furnace blower started to shredded the manual, clog the whole system. It is never cool to have a couple of hundred pages of torn paper, 10 inches from a live natural gas line. I caught it, but had I not been traveling back here, odds are I would have at a minimum had a new furnace to pay for and probably a new house. G-d watches out for the dumbest of us.

In some ways it is really great to be back, in other ways I can see more clearly what interests me about Israel. The fact is there is more opportunity in Israel then there is in Portland. Portland is a developed town, jobs pay well, but there is nothing new really being created. It is just a really nice safe place to live.

There is the new Biotech research building going up and that is cool, and there are things happening, but in Israel things are new and challenging at least for me. I live for making my life difficult I suppose.

Such different worlds, but I think for the long term I will be living in both at the same time.



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