Wednesday, January 26, 2005

We are launching


Six months ago almost to a day we had an idea for a new type of store in Israel. A book store, but not only any type of book store, but an English book store with prices that are similar to what to expect in America. In a country where a new novel costs 50-60 NIS, we aimed to launch a store where we would get the average price to 13 NIS, or including 18% of tax. $2.88.

Now the moment of truth comes out to play, do we stand a chance or not, we are launching the first store tomorrow night.

It is so great to be working on projects where we get to revenue in under 1/2 a year. It is even better that we have a team that might be able to pull it off. It still amazes me that we can walk into the store with it 90% stocked and priced and see what an amazing thing has happened.

I love seeing an idea come from my mind and get onto paper, it is even more amazing to see it come to live. I so hope this works, but win or lose I frankly am learning a lot.



Blogger shoppingformykids said...

fascinating blog! I never would have thought of a bookstore in Israel! way to go, keep it up . . .


January 26, 2005 at 11:02 PM  

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