Monday, December 27, 2004

The sun is shining and wishing you an eilat xmass :-)

Okay, we took the holiday weekend off and went to Eilat. It was a lot of fun and we had a blast. First off the hotel was Kosher, the hotel provided candles and we had all the food made for us, which was a rocking good deal. I liked Eilat, and I think that I could see spending some more time down there, the issue is it is a long drive and I did not enjoy the 775km in the car round trip.

I must say the diffrence between being in a beach town with tropical fish and coral, and boats and fun, vs being around the "Holiday Spirit" that you get in a big town in America is a big deal.

We only saw one Xmass tree and that was in a trendy mall. It was just a non event in Israel.

In someways losing the comercial crazyness of Xmass is just a great thing. I do not like it when Hallmark and Wallmart own a holiday.

Total money spent on gifts this year for this season 100 NIS, and that was for my kids. Total value in no crazy shopping and unlimited xmass music on at the stores priceless.

Got to love Israel.