Thursday, December 09, 2004

The computer does not love me

I must say every time I write a blog that I really should not post as I am ranting to much my computer crashes and I lose it. If this did not happen repeatedly I would think it was funny, but on the whole I am happy about it.

I spent the last two days learning about Israeli customs, and I am so glad I have Shosh, at this point if I did not have a partner for this project who was Israeli I would be dead in the water. Customs here is some of the most complex stuff I have ever seen and the list of fees and taxes that they get on you for unloading a container very quickly helps explain the high prices in this country. I mean who can afford to pay almost as much to move a container 100 feet as we paid to move it 8000 miles.

On to other topics, it is amazing how much dirtier a house gets when you have cleaning help. We went 3 months without cleaning help and we lived with a level of grime, we just now went a week and the level of grime went up 4x. It seems that you xan forget to clean, but I must say I am starting to clean as I have a tollernce for this stuff.

We moved flats almost a month ago and I must say that when we moved it was the low point of moving to Israel. We were just fried, and frankly there was a point where I am amazed we stayed. Stress is a bad thing, and when the only color you are seeing is red, stress is just a really bad thing. Since I have dropped back to part time Ulpan, started to focus on other stuff like life, and work and frankly I am more balanced now.

Israel is a place where you can just get stressed and frankly that is not how I do my best work. So I have spent the last week just chilling and I must say it feels great. My next door neighboors are lighting a public Menorah at the front of the building and I must say it is worth being there for that, and other things are just working out.

All is well.



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