Saturday, November 13, 2004

Sleep is good


That is the overstatement of a lifetime, but it is really nice to have shabbos. I might not be the best Jew on many fronts, but I love the ability to have a long sleepy days. I have started to go to Shul at 7:00 in the morning getting out by 9:00 and I am back in bed by noon for a 4 hour sleep. The net result of this is that I catch up on my sleep when I need it.

I am probably going to be cutting back on Ulpan to start to work again. I need to make some money and I need to stop sitting around. The fact is the Ulpan has really been good for me, but long term I am going to have a nervous break down if I continue to push that part of my life. I am not good at it and it is just so stressful, I compare it to a root canal on a weekly basis. I need to cut back to 4-5 hours a week and probably get a tutor for another 4-5 hours.

The book store also does not need to support me on a monthly basis if it is going to work.



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