Thursday, November 11, 2004

Nefesh B Nefesh


Looking at the stuff that makes going to Israel work, one common theme has been Nefesh B Nefesh. They have helped families move to israel that frankly would not have made the move otherwise. We made a decision not to take their money or apply to go through them because we felt that there were other people who had greater needs then us.

Some days you wonder if writting a blog matters, do people even read it or care about it. Yesterday I was angry at NBN. They ran some ads offering to help people with the Ayliah beurcracy in Israel. They explained to me that they would not help us because we were to complex.

Today they called back and offered to help. Frankly I am really glad to have the help.

Some days things go right, and after a really hard day at Ulpan I needed it.



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