Wednesday, November 10, 2004

GRRR........ some days

Most people do not take risks, frankly the whole concept of risk is very scary for them. They do not want to do anything that does not make sense to them.

Our Aliyah process has been a story of problem after problem after problem. What is great about Israel is that the bureaucracy people just pass the burden and rather then helping us, just say ......

Nefesh b Nefesh was offering an Arm Chair Olim paper work processing deal. You get them the file and they will walk it around and get you your documents and get you through the line and finished. This is for people in the country who might be interested in making Aliyah

It sounded like a great deal and frankly it would have helped us, as between the Shaliach in San Francisco who never finished our file to the people in Israel who want us to refile, to the fact that we just have fallen through the cracks.

I just got off the phone with them, and their basic statement was that they will help people who do not have complex problems make Aliyah. What is so funny is that they did this advertising campaign, pushed this concept and they are going to turn away the vast majority of people who need the most help.

This is a project that is going to really mess with their good name, and put into jeopardy the whole concept of their business model. Frankly they have done great stuff with the Ayliya flights, but going into a new line of helping people and then turning back the people who most need the help is just going to kill their business model.

I would not be surprised to see some very nasty things said about them from the key people who they need to support them. I have the urge to send a message to the Ra'anana list and a few other places to talk about them. They do great stuff, but if they are going to offer to help with a problem and then pass I lose some of my respect.

If they turn down more people then they help with the program, which I think they will, they are going to end up with an undeserved bad reputation because they do a lot of good for a lot of people.

I wish them luck.



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