Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Bombs and walls

I vowed when I came here that I was not going to be scared by terrorism, but I probably was lying to myself about it. Terrorists do not kill that many people, frankly the roads and cancer probably kill more per year in Israel. The scary thing about terrorists, is that they are selling fear, and that fear results in far more people upset then if 5 random people died.

Last week 3 people were murdered in Tel Aviv, last week 10,000 people were close to the scene, everyone from my friend Mary who husband was supposed to be in the area, to Shosh who was planning on buying cheese at that stand. Everyone sees a bomb and mentally thinks this could be me, and once they have that thought process they then go and tell everyone to cope with the stress resulting in even more people being stressed.

Personally I am not scared of bombs, since I have landed here 2 months ago under 30 people have died, that is less then 1/2 per day, and less then 1 out of 40,000 over a year. I have better odds of dying from cancer. In America Cancer kills one out of 600. If the terrorists were killing Jews at that rate there would be 10,000 dead each year.

The problem is Cancer can not be avoided, people get it and some people die. With terror each innocent life taken on both sides hardens the hearts of all involved. At this point Israel is going to declare a peace with a wall, with boarders and with economic destruction of the West Bank and Gaza.

Bombers are killing the life blood of both sides. We have shut our boarders to cheap local labor. Philippines are learning Hebrew, as they take jobs that pay $700 per month doing domestic and other work. But I must say that I want the wall, I want the segregation, I want to be safe. I also want peace, but I am not willing to have peace that costs lives of people who are shopping at markets.

Peace is going to have to come with education on both sides, but as long as people bomb innocent people, walls both physical and spiritual are going to continue to go up, and we all know that once walls go up they do not come down.



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