Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Nothing much interesting

I am not sure what to write about today.

I could talk about ulpan, but frankly I am starting to get that sinking feeling in my stomach as I am being forced to hear how certain words are shaped together, but are separated by one or two key vowels. It is very hard to train my ear to ignore the end of the word and focus on the middle to get the information out of it. When every word has at least 5 that I know of ways to write it, and that is ignoring the future and the past tenses, you start to panic.

I do not have much time today. I have to go and get my kids in 5-10 minutes. I am waiting for next week when we can start to move into this apartment. I need to hire movers, and I need to figure out what I still need to buy to live there.

I also need to arrange to pickup our Volvo from the people we bought it from. You have to love driving a 1987 240 Volvo wagon in a country with gas prices at around $5 per gallon. It is not I think going to be a daily driver, but when I need to take the kids places and go shopping and stuff like that it is going to be really nice to have. It is also a double purpose rig as it will be the transport for our bookstore for the first couple of months until we can afford to get our hands on a replacement rig. The issue is we need a freighter that has at least 4 seats as we will need to carry kids as well as cargo lots of the time. This is not a cheap rig to find, and we also wanted it to be safe, and lets face it, if you hit us in a 2 tonne Volvo in a country of ford Fiestas, I am not worried about the Volvo.

Lots of little stuff to talk about, but the most amazing part of it all is how quickly the weeks are flying by. I figured I would be climbing the walls going crazy by this point but I am actually really enjoying life. I get to go north tomorrow to visit my Aunt Nina for her birth day. I am going to frame one of Iris's prints and take it with me to give her.



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