Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Some days you just want to sell them

Okay I wanted to write about my kids, but when you start to write about your kids when you are stressed out at them you start to understand how little of a person you are in comparison to them in some ways. But I must say a 1 hour temper over using the key on a door is enough to take the varnish off of a US Army Ranger's boots.

I am cleaning today, now you are probably laughing your heads off at that statement, but I am getting so sick of the state of our space that I am actually taking time to mop, and do dishes, and horrors of horrors there is a load of laundry in the machine. It is amazing but at some points even I have a mess tolerance and it is amazing how quickly I meet it and pass it. It is a 2 hour a day job to cook and clean for a family. It really can not be done in less time. I am quite quick on the cooking, but the cleaning I am really slow. Frankly I can not stand cleaning, but I am putting a sign up at the absorption center to try to hire a cleaner.

Some days I wish I had the freedom to come and go when I please, to not be at gan at 3:50 to pick up the kids to not have the responsibility to lots of people. Frankly as you grow older the more people who are beholden to you, and when you can not deliver you get really stressed out. Mind you sometimes when your kids smile in a way that says I love you and they give you a hug it is much easier to get through the day.

Off to Yad Izaac to shop.



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