Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The great stroller heist

Okay, well that is a little over melodramatic, but I am starting to understand what it feels like to be a long way from your supply lines. I America they make stroller, what I mean by this is that they make rigs that are designed for one kid, but can hold a couple, they make rigs that can carry the family groceries and they make rigs that have proper sized tires. In Israel they make some really great fashion accessories, but nothing that is going to get two kids to gan in a rush for under $250.

Yesterday our stroller went missing, yes it was gone from the stroller corral at the local Gan (kindergarten), this was a big upsetting because I had been using this stroller as a car replacement, and I could not replace it without getting another one from America which is quite expensive.

The one thought I had was if I feel this upset about loosing something while in Israel I wonder what it feels like to be in the Arctic or on the Moon and misplace or break something key. I can buy for some amount of money a replacement part, but what happens when the freight just costs way to much.

Now I want to say that I was rational and I slept on the missing stroller and it showed up the next morning. Someone's grandmother borrowed it by mistake, but I am going to go by a bike lock for it now, as I can not really replace it.




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