Monday, November 08, 2004

We are moving

Okay it is official, we are moving.

It is not very far in distance, but it is to a completely different scene. We picked an apartment that is very small 90 sq meters or 950 sq feet, with two bed rooms, one bath room and 2 covered balconies. On the whole this apartment is the smallest space I have lived in in over 10 years. By Israeli standards it is expensive but by Ra'anana standards it is very cheap, at $650 per month. To put that in pounds terms for the brits, 83 pounds a week.

We took it for a variety of reasons, first off we are never home as a family. Iris works during the day, and is home awake maybe 5-7 hours a day. Sam and Avi our two kids are around and awake only around 4-5 hours a day. These means we need an apartment for the evenings and for me to work from during the day.

This apartment we are looking at will work for that. It has the two half rooms, one of which will become my office and the other will become a guest room, slash living room space. Frankly it is a small apartment any way we cut it, but the price is right.

I am thinking about the things I want to do to it, and I am going to work on getting a shelf built over the fridge area and I want to get a counter top built at a higher level over another part of the area for a work area. Ikea might offer a butcher block table that will fit there, the issue is we want to be able to slot the dishwasher in when we are not using it.

The thing is a 2 bedroom here costs around 1200-1600 NIS less then a three bedroom. You can find a cheap three bedroom, but even those can be hard to find. So when I look at space saving ideas I can quickly in 2-3 months of savings outfit the 2 bed room so it can be used equivelently to a three bedroom. The trick is getting furniture that fits and then not over stuff the place.

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