Sunday, November 07, 2004

No time, No time

It is 9:40 at night and I am wiped. Okay, at some point in every ones life something has to give.

Currently I am working on helping set up a book store, taking care of the kids in the afternoon, cleaning, cooking shopping, and did I mention spending 22 hours a week in Ulpan with another 14 hours a week of home work. Today, I woke up at 6:30, was at Ulpan at 7:50 after making breakfast (Oatmeal) and dropping the kids at Gan. Ulpan lasted from 8-1:15, and at 1:25 I was at the new store helping lay things out. Then I spent 3-4 hours working on issues with this store. At 6:30 we went out to dinner, and at 7:30 we were at our new apartment to sign the lease. We only got back home at 9:00, put the kids to bed, I had a drink and now it is 9:43 and I have a mountain of homework facing me and I frankly want to go to sleep and forget about Ulpan.

In the next two weeks I have to get a roof rack for the Volvo, new tires, shocks and brakes. I have to get light fixtures for the new apartment. I have to pick a carpenter for the book cases, and I have to live life on top of that I promised myself that I would stay in Ulpan, but I must warn you Ulpan is a full time job. Of the 28 original students who are in the class only 9 remain, and frankly at this point I am at the bottom of the barrel. I was in the middle of the pack, but the pack dropped out.

I guess I am ranting and raving about life here, but on the other hand every time my son opens his mouth and says Toda, or something like that with a smile. Every thing I notice it is November and I am still wearing shorts, I remember life is good. I am just used to having Sunday off, and taking part of Friday off as well. Now I work a full day on Thursday, and by Sunday the week has started.

Doing 12-16 hour days 6 days a week is just not good for a person, and frankly I am going to need to slow down. Ulpan might be the first thing to go, which is sad as I am learning in it. I do not think I will finish my homework tonight, as I need sleep more.



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