Sunday, December 05, 2004

Dinner lunch and the park

When you choose where to live in a place like Ra'anana keep in mind how social you are and how much you have the energy to seek out people to talk to. For us we first moved to an apartment on Bar Ilan street and it was social vacuum. No one we were interested in getting to know lived within 2-3 block of us. The apartment building was fairly new and nice, but there were no kids no stroller, it was a mature building. In some ways we were lucky that the landlord sold it as it let us go to a place where we could be around people are own age. This is key to living in Israel.

What we did was move across the street from the big social park in Ra'anana. No matter what is happening we can always go out on Shabbos afternoon and spend time with people with young kids. This is just socially key to living here. It seems like a little silly thing, but that makes the apartment we got socially very good, it lets us get out of it and quickly find people to talk to.




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