Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Some times things happen for the good as well as the bad.

I wrote a big long blog ranting about today, the move, the AC going in the wrong spot, the problems with our old land lord. It was a pretty depressing 2 pages of ranting, and then my internet connection went down and it got deleted, which was a good thing. I needed to write it all out, but you did not need to read it. Frankly I wish I not toned it down as it was trying to make it publish able.

The sun is shining, and 20 minutes ago it was raining like no tomorrow. I guess that is going to be the moral of staying in Israel, some of the time like today it is just nasty and things are not going right, but when the sun come out after a rain storm you get the rare glimpse of what makes life worth living. You get to move on from what is completely depressing you.

I do not know what went wrong with my internet connection, but I am glad that my last posting was written and I am glad it never got published.

All the best,



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