Monday, November 29, 2004

Thanksgiving Madness

This Thanksgiving was the start of a wild and wonderful weekend. You see we have moved to Israel, but the concept of thanksgiving for us was stronger this year then ever before. Thanksgiving is a holiday of giving thanks for surviving the season, and for the people who initially celebrated it it was thanks for surviving the move.

In America people make a 4,5,6 day weekend out of this holiday. Frankly it is the one time a year where we are almost European in our lavish time off. In Israel it is a work day, Thursday is the start of the weekend which helps, but it is a work day.

Now we just moved into a new apartment and I had to be in Europe the week after Thanksgiving so we have to get some used appliances I bought moved. We hired movers for 3:30, but they got to my house at 5:30. Now this normally would not have been a problem. They needed to move 3-4 things, a washer dryer stacker unit, a dishwasher, and a china cabinet for us. I assumes it would take 1 hour, but I was way wrong.

This washer dryer was in a Safety room, you saw that movie about the panic room, well every Israeli house has one, they are usually quite small and built like a concrete and steel bunker. Well when I bought the washer and dryer I never thought to ask how to get it out of the room. I should have included that in the price, my mistake.

To make a long story short, imagine on Thanksgiving a communist Texan from where the president grew up, helping me a conservative business person (play along please), and an Israeli grunt who worked hard, but had 5 words of English moving a stacker washer dryer out of a room where the door was a bit tight :-).

Now to help with this image, we had to take the dryer off, but the electrical harness was still attached, and we had to do this appliance dance out the door with the equipment, with two appliances attached going through a door where they had to be fit though with a shoe horn and a bit of scrapping.

Needless to say I was late to my own dinner.

1-1.5 hours later I get home and we still have to unload the truck, we have 15 guests and my wife is really upset. The turkey is not done, the guests are here, the appliances have to be unloaded taken up 2 flights of stairs, and my wife does not think this is funny.

Somehow it just all worked out, in the future I almost want to setup moves for formal dinner parties, it really helps with the conversation. After we got over the whole concept that a bunch of non Americans, were sitting down to celebrate an American holiday with a Texan in the back around moving large appliances, I would say it was a wonderful dinner.

It just make the whole dinner seem like a very Israeli thanksgiving, nothing goes right in Israel, but frankly no one frets over it so it just does not matter. On the whole it just worked.

I must say the turkey came out okay, the food was yummy and the entertainment worked. Having said that we will talk about the Thanksgiving move from hell for the next 20 years.



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