Saturday, December 18, 2004

25 for dinner

In America, when we had 25 for dinner we had 3-6 kids and rarely kids the same age as Avi and Sam. Here we just had 25 for dinner and we had under the age of 4, 10 kids, and I must say that was a lot of noise. If you count all the kids we had 13 kids and 12 adults.

I am in a bit of hot water as Iris felt that I invited to many people at once, but I did do the cooking so I do get some ability to invite, but I also do agree that 20 is our maximum for our living room. It is nice having an flat where we can sit 20 for dinner and I intend to do it at least 2 times a month. Any more then that and I think I will go a bit crazy.

It was a lot of fun, next time we have the Jensens and that is two weeks away. Next week we are probably going south to spend Shabbos in Elat, as it is getting a bit cold here, I think it is going to hit 50 degrees f 10 C tonight and we are going to freeze.

Have a good week.



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