Monday, December 13, 2004

I hate (Love) cell phones


I got a cell phone, what a scary idea, and I am starting to carry it around. Frankly for the most part it is a dead weight, but tonight when I got the car back from the shop and it died 2 blocks away it was a saving grace.

Let me start from the beginning. I bought a Volvo, in the spirit of Avi I bought a 1987 (I know it is way new) 240 Wagon, and I have been using it for a couple of weeks. It has been having a few problems, one of which is that it was backfiring on shut down, the other is stalling and running rough at slow speeds.

I assumed that the fuel filter was clogged so I took it to the shop and had that replaces and they cleaned out the carburetor as well. On the net I assumed the problem was solved, and I walked to go get the car, and I took it for a drive and it died within 2 blocks. I managed to limp it back to the garage, and that is when the cell phone saved the day.

The Mechanic had left, and I called him and he came back. He took the car around the block, said it was getting to much gas and then parked it. He is a fairly smart and started to take apart the air filter system. He looked at the air filter and then finding that okay, went into the air filter system. This was all in the dark with a flashlight and a leatherman. Now he finds this part pulls it out, and says problem fixed. It turned out that there is a switch in the car system that is designed in cold cold weather to pull air from the tailpipe area so the car can breath. Now this was broken, and the solution was to disable this system. This would be a big problem if the Volvo was going to go outside of Israel, and like 4000 miles due north. As it is the car now runs.

Now the Cool thing was that if I was not pushed to get the bloody cell phone I could not have called the mechanic and I would still be dealing with this dead car, instead I am home and the car is home and all is well.

Okay not one of my best posts.



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