Sunday, December 19, 2004

The color green

Or is it blue, or yellow. We have this container that we are getting through customs and I must say it is starting to drive us crazy. The customs clerks are playing games with us on getting it done and frankly they are showing how unbusiness friendly this country is.

There is a form that we are supposed to have, but in the import regulations there is no mention of it, and it is called a certificate of origin. This Certificate has to be signed and stamped by a local Chamber of commerce, and did I mention that it has to be green. (I wish I was kidding). We went out and found this form on the Internet and downloaded it, I got a friend to go in and get it signed and we got it mailed here. It just is not green, so 2 weeks after they get it they tell us No go.

Frankly at this point I am looking at this and just starting to laugh. There is so much work in importing that the local prices when you take into account the complete pain in the ass bring stuff in is, are actually quite fair.

What is interesting is that we are going to beat this system, but I can imagine the number of startups that completely fail when presented with these b-lls-ht costs and barriers to doing business. Luckily Shosh is seeing red and will probably go and read line and verse to the bloody customs agents and get it through, but I can not imagine doing business here without a local partner.



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