Thursday, December 23, 2004

Chocolate bread and Diet bread, Martha would be proud


I was going to talk about the shipping container that just got unloaded, but that is old news and no matter what happens I have no lack of books to read:-).

There are things in this life that must be experienced and Chocolate bread is one of them. There is this bakery that a friend (the one who sold me the Volvo) told me about and they make breads that you would go to heaven for. Now I am gaining weight in Israel, Partially because it so hard to eat right in a country where Pizza can be had in 20 minutes and did I mention Chocolate bread.

Now to describe this chocolate bread, all I can say is imagine a loaf of bread, with coco baked in and bits of chocolate chips mixed in. Dusted with a coat of powdered sugar. It is not really bread but a desert that is to die for.

Now I also bought diet bread as this chocolate bread is going to add even more weight to my overweight frame, and I walked a couple of miles to day as well. But I must say, some of the food here is just wonderful. Even the diet bread is not bad.



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