Sunday, January 16, 2005

First Hebrew and Now English

The three year old mind is very limber, when we came to Israel we were concerned with how hard it would be to get the kids to speak Hebrew, we put them in Hebrew only Gan, we bought them movies in Hebrew and we worried that they would not speak Hebrew.

Now five months later, we are starting to understand that we had better start to invest in English as the kids are fluent in Hebrew but not in English as much. They only want to watch movies in Hebrew and when I talk to them in English they respond in Hebrew.

What a funny problem to have, and one we can work on, now we just have to get American TV and videos and other stuff where they get English as well.

The fact that we are starting an English book store should help, and the fact that I am horrible in Hebrew should also help.

When unpacking books, I found 4 destroyer Books, all you in the know, know how cool that is, the rest of you just do not matter.



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