Saturday, January 15, 2005

Kosher and Super Kosher

Israel is the land of outreach. Their is a Rabbi on every street corner to save your soul and you can do one of two things when you come to the land. You can go up to a higher level or you can settle down to a easy level.

At most super markets EVERY thing is kosher, but not LaMahedrin. In Ra'anana every store on the main street is under the vad of Ra'anana. Heck these Rabbi's are more educated and religious then me who does the kashurit for the vad. It is kosher. But some people can not take the concept that keeping kosher is easy and push for the next level.

For me if being Jewish is easy, enjoy, it is hard enough around the world to keep kosher you might as well enjoy the one place where keeping kosher is easy.

Israel is a hard place to live, but to make it harder is just insane. You have limited budget and limited time and space and just everything is limited so why limit even more.



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