Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The bookstore is working.

Okay, we are 2 weeks in starting to really go strong with the bookstore. It is only going to get better, as we buy better inventory as we are doing right now. I am in America, and in probably 6 weeks we are going to have some amazing inventory that will really help the store. It is really fun starting companies when things are going well, when they are not going well I question myself daily.

It is very easy to question oneself, and frankly I think we are all our own harshest critics. Some times I think we hide behind the ability to see all of our own flaws and none of what makes us great.

What is interesting is that we are all great in our own way. We each have one skill to use, one thing that we do best, and frankly if the world spent more time looking for what people were good at rather then trapping them into things that they do badly. Frankly I think fear traps us from truly capturing upside and we end up doing more to make sure that we do not get hurt then making sure that we are going to succeed.

There is a period in every startup when you know that you have failed and you start to count out your losses. It is that first few weeks when things are just not going perfectly. We have all gone through those periods, and those periods are one of the reasons why I do things like prepay rent for 1 year when I start a company. The ability not to worry about some of the nut coming out of cash flow gives you much more time to figure out what works and what does not.

The fact is most businesses do not come thought this period because they spend everything on the first business model, and when they finally figure out what works they are out of cash.

I am reading through my blog and it is funny, but it so goes in waves, up and down depending on my mood.

Now that we have this thing working hopefully my mood with stabilize some.

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