Sunday, March 20, 2005

Israel, the Jewish state


I have been having long conversations with my brother about Israel. He sees it as a flawed state, the last socialist state, he does not like the disengagement and he does not like current rule of law.

The question is not if Israel is a perfect state, but if it is better then no state. I am a citizen of the world, and I plan on living in many different countries in my life, but I still do not see any place being safe for me to live without Israel to back me up. It is an interesting issue, but the global economic prosperity enjoyed by Jews everywhere is based on Israel. When the shit hits the fan in France, they come to Israel, when Ethiopia is no long safe they come to Israel.

There are problems, heck the place drives me crazy most weeks, but it is a better state then no state.

That is the key idea. We can be faced with a chance of there being no state, and without Israel in some form I would not feel safe even in America.



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