Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A slice of Israel

I have been really busy with work recently. It has been interesting, but a bit stressful, I would love to talk about it, but it is not the core of my thoughts for the day. Today was the day of everything Israel.

My afternoon started with a call from my nephew, Avi was bored and wanted to come home, and he told me I had to go to Gan to get them. Well there is a couple of sub stories here. Every major holiday the Gan has a party and guys are not invited. Now I think these parties are important, but my wife has a job that does not really bode well for taking afternoons off, especially with a couple of deadlines hanging over her head. So I had a choice I could go to the party and then leave 1/2 way through or I could send the cozes to hang with Avi and Sam. I took door number two. Needless to say I got a call 1/2 an hour later to come down and get them.

Now the interesting part is when I got there the ganneits made a point about how they wanted my kids there, but I was not allowed, and the kids should stay, and I should stay in the hall for the next hour. So that is what happened, I must say I am starting to think about a new gan for Avi at least after that.

The funny part was that once they started they did not kick out the maintaince people who were not Jewish, but were certainly guys. It is funny, but it was as if col isha only matters for Jews.

The second step on a traditional Israeli day, was Mc'dees. Yes I spend 123 NIS to take all for kids out for 1000+ calorie meals. What is amazing is that it has not changed in the three years since I last ate there. Gobbie thought the food was not very good, but at least she had a chance to say she tried it.

The final stop was to listen to a street performer from Odessa. He is a good friend of mine, in that I always give him a few NIS, and we talk. He is very smart, but he also is very good with his music. The problem is there are probably 5000 Violinists in Israel from Russia and we might have full time jobs for 10. He tells me he has a plan to teach Avi music, but we should discuss it next time we meet.

What is amazing is that in less then 2 hours, I went from an Charadi Gan where I was ready to pull my kids, to Mc Dees where I ate food that was inedible, to listen to a violinist performing on the street. This range of cultures completely intermixed yet separate is what makes Israel great.

Jews have always been Jews, we have never looked or talked the same, but we have always been Jews. It has taken Israel to make a melting pot and produce something new.

We will see where the road takes us.

Good night


I made a district decision not to go back to ulpan for a while. I think it had to do with the fact that I did not feel like I needed more stress in my life and sad to say learning Hebrew was not going to change my life in a material way has paved the way.


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