Sunday, March 27, 2005

6 NIS Burger

Okay, I took the kids to Mc Donalds and they were not impressed, but I finally got them a burger that impressed them.

Today I had a lot of work to do, but instead I went to visit my aunt with the four kids. It was an important thing to do and I had not done it for at least 2-3 months. She is developmentally disabled, and a really nice person, but she does not get out of her home that often. It is a nice place probably around 20-30 acres and really as places to spend your life it could be a lot worse, except that there is no escape.

So we went and picked her up and took here to Haifa to eat. When ever we eat out it is for meat. She loves red meat and the last couple of times I have taken her out for steak or swarma. This time I made the decision to take her into Haifa. I had no clue what we were going to eat, but I wanted to find something kosher.

Haifa is like Hong Kong as it is a hill city, it s impossible to get around it without getting lost, but luckily you have the bay on one side and on the other the hill, so lost is a relative term.

We ended up 1/2 way up the hill looking for food when we saw a Kosher sign, and it was advertising a 5.99 NIS burger. This is fishy to say the least as that would make it a Kosher burger for under $2, and I assumed it must be horrible. The only saving grace of the place was that it had a few people in it.

We went in, we ordered our burgers, grabbed some cokes, and were shocked by how good the burgers were. They were real hamburgers with decent meat, excellent patties and good condiments. The most shocking part was that 6 of us eat burgers and cokes for 56 NIS, or $13. For Kosher meat this is a new low and I must say the burgers beat Mc Dees.

It was a good day, but not very productive in a money making sense, but important non the less.
My niece and nephew are off being wined and dined by their fathers side of the family right now. They picked Flambe as there place of choice, and I hope their great aunt is happy spending the 50-60 NIS per kid to feed them there.

I am going to miss the rug rats, but it will be nice to have a quiet house again.



Blogger Tzook Bar said...

xt time Im in Haifa, I need to eat there! :)

What was the name of it?

Tzook Bar Noy
Israel social community

August 18, 2009 at 2:53 AM  

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