Monday, March 28, 2005

The kitty cat who ate the Banana

My son has a recurring nightmare. It is about his banana that he dropped on a walk one shabbos that we would not let him pick up. We told him he could leave it for the Kitty cats who would eat it, and now he is waking up at night crying that the kitty cat should not be eating his banana.

My son is neurotic, but we love him anyways.

At some point I think this is a way for him to cope with his life and the trials and tribulations of being three. He has issues and he cares about them, he has his world and he is trying to control it, but by controlling it he is trying to figure out how to bridge the gap between Israel and America, between a father that is at home and a mommy that is at work. Between Gan and the computer that he loves.

He has issues, but he is loved, and he is smart.



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