Saturday, April 02, 2005

Sabbath away

I was away this Shabbat. It was an interesting experience. We stayed with a family that lives in a Tamni Moshov and they are the only white guys for miles. It is an interesting place, but probably not for us. What was amazing was that they were renting a nice large house for significantly less then we were renting our apartment for.

I deafened with the family for Shabbat morning at a chabad that they promised was non messianic, but the Gabbi wearing a Kippa with Yichi on it just did not give me warm and comfortable feelings. The other choice where we went for Friday night was a Tamni Shul where everyone chanted at the same time at the top of their lungs in a small caravan with a rhythm that was slightly off. On the whole I like the Shuls in Ra'anana and I like being in Little America (Much like China town or little Italy in an America).

It was nice in some ways to be out there and in other ways I think I would have rather been home for Shabbat. I am going to be in China this week leaving in 4 days and spending shabbat at home before doing that would be nice.

Have a good week, the next post will probably be from Beijing.



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