Sunday, April 22, 2007

Toronto and England

Okay the diet is sorta continuing.

Well, I am eating less then I would if I was not trying to diet, but I am not completely on the diet.

Lets see, at the airport in Toronto I pigged out before I got on the flight. I needed the three shots of scotch, and the cookies (I swear). I also had a swarma in pita, but I skipped on the Chumos, and did not get a Laffa which is an improvement on Friday. I also stuffed it with veggies and no fried ones.

Today I ate a big shabbat lunch, but I did not each as much chicken and had a lot more salad. I was at a friends house in Golder Green and D--mn she can cook. it was really really good food. I have some friends around the world that I love spending shabbat with as I can eat really well, but I really need to lose this weight.

I am not trusting of other scales, and the thing about losing weight is that you need to be able to trust your scale, and since I split time between 3-4 of them, it ain't easy.

On the whole I am eating less, and more healthy. I am pigging out on this trip to London, on English Asparagus, and not chocolate, (only 3 squares since I landed). I also have not finished my bag of bears, me addicted to bears, of the soft chewy type.

What am I trying to say. I am doing better, but I got a long way to go. I think that I need to start to count points for this to work. I wonder if someone makes a point counter for a BlackBerry. Got to look into that.

I am going to drop these 20 pounds and my reward I have decided is I will fly to Hong Kong and get a new wardrobe. (Expensive reward). Lets see if I make this work.

It is nice to be getting things done.




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